Research & Development

Research & Development

One of Axon’s strategic goals is to always be on the leading edge of technology and scientific advancements. Our Research and Development team is staffed with employees that aspire to discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological topics for the purpose of uncovering and enabling development of valuable new products, processes, and services.

Axon Engineering has the vision, creativity, technical knowledge and engineering expertise to turn your ideas into complete products and provide innovative solutions for your problems.
We offer customers personalized consultation in order to understand their needs and offer tailor made solutions. Axon Engineering can assist customers though the design process and possible design problems, reverse engineering, the development and manufacturing of prototypes, testing, assembly and offers ongoing support and open communication.

Our R&D team works in close cooperation with customers to specify dimensions, tolerances, material selection and specifications according to the functionality and end use of the product. We strive to ensure a competitive blend of cost, functionality and appearance for the intended use, always responding to customer requests with flexibility, reliability and high quality standards.

Axon has strong connections with Athens Technical University and Brunel University UK having realized several research programs.