The beginning

In 1985 Axon starts as a small manufacturing company based in Marousi, supplying machined parts and mechanisms for the domestic commercial market.


Development, Exports and Defence Sector

With a continuous increase in production capabilities Axon Engineering begins to expand in new markets and to manufacture components for the telecommunication industry.
This growth in capabilities leads to the first exports to U.S.A and Germany.
In 1998 Axon enters the Defence industry by producing spare parts for the Hellenic Armed Forces.
In 1999, in order to meet increasing demands Axon acquires two C.N.C Lathes, and two C.N.C Machining Centres.


New production plant, Expansion and Aerospace Industry.

In 2000 Axon Engineering moves to a new self-owned purpose built plant in Inofita Viotias marking a new era for the company.
New machinery as well as the ISO 9002 and later on ISO 9001 certification contribute to Axon’s growth.
In 2001 Axon enters the Aerospace Industry with a wide range of projects such as Tool making for the maintenance of aircraft engines, reverse engineering and production of transportation hydraulic mechanism for helicopters and missile parts, design and production of mine sweeping floating mechanism for Hellenic Navy and jigs and fixtures for the assembly of Sicorsky helicopter fuselage.


Increase in exports, new markets and Tool making sector.

Over the next years Axon continues its expansion in new market segments, with an increase of exports and broadening of its supply chain.
The Tool making sector is further developed and augmented by providing a vast range of tools for military as well as commercial aircraft engines.
Axon Engineering, invests in the development of its Quality Assurance Systems with acquisition of EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate and implementation of AS9100 Quality System.


Present focus and future aspirations.

Currently, in spite the challenging worldwide economic conditions, Axon Engineering focuses on maintaining and increasing its growth with the continuous development of new projects whilst sustaining ongoing successful partnerships.
Axon’s future aspirations are to ensure that our company continues its growth by staying updated with cutting end technology and current practices.
Our main aspiration is to always stay true to our company’s mission and vision of being a reliable business partner.