Mission – Vision


Axon's mission is to ensure the most favourable price-time-quality conditions, employ advanced technology and high level engineering expertise allowing us to provide our customers all the necessary services of a "one stop shop" supporting them all the way from sourcing and manufacturing to assembly and delivery of products.

Customer and employee satisfaction, commitment to business excellence and innovation, respect and caring for the environment, recognition of our social responsibility are of utmost importance and have firmly established Axon’s market place domestically and internationally.

Our vision is to be the best in our domain by continuously improving the successful status gained within our country and abroad, as a reliable business partner.

This vision is supported by Axon’s strategies which include:

  1. Commitment to operate towards the leading-edge of technology.
  2. Promoting continuous improvement, through cost reduction and efficiency optimisation.
  3. Commitment to customer service with regard to our "delivery promise" and our aim towards "zero defect".
  4. Devotion of all resources to continuous Quality Improvement that emphasizes the accountability of every employee to product and workplace quality.
  5. Teaming with customers sharing a philosophy of a close supplier-customer cooperation and involvement.
  6. Promoting and demonstrating team spirit with the emphasis on employee involvement.
  7. Exploring new markets and aiming to operate in industry sectors that indicate growth and financial performance leading to a balanced work portfolio.
  8. The vigorous and effective marketing of our services and products.