Over the years Axon Engineering has been strategically involved in various challenging projects, establishing Axon as a leader in the manufacturing of top quality components within both military and commercial markets. Axon Engineering has the vision, creativity, knowledge and expertise to turn ideas into complete products and provide innovative solutions.

Our facilities are specifically designed to offer diversity and flexibility of production catering simultaneously “one off”, small, medium or large batch requirements. Our R&D department working closely with our customers aids customers throughout the design process and possible design problems, reverse engineering, the development and manufacturing of prototypes, testing, assembly and offers ongoing support and open communication. We strive to ensure a competitive blend of cost, functionality and appearance for the intended use. We have the ability to respond to customer requests with flexibility, reliability and high quality standards. 

Axon Engineering has formed a successful partnership with Eurocopter having performed the reverse engineering, prototype development, machining and mass production manufacturing of hydraulic rolling wheels for helicopter ground handling equipment. 

Furthermore, Axon Engineering developed Atlas 250G an automobile transportation vehicle for light aircrafts and helicopters designed to pull light aircrafts and helicopters. Atlas 250G is specially designed to maximize performance and minimize the effort needed to move aircrafts, at an affordable price. It is easy to use as you can single handed move an aircraft with safety, has long life cycle and low maintenance cost. 

One of our successful projects and partnerships include the manufacturing of Titan-Lite for Aeon Cine, an innovative solution for the filmmaking industry. Axon Engineering in close cooperation with Aeon Cine was in charge of prototype development, machining, assembly and product testing.




Axon Engineering currently participates in the AMSCopper Project within the framework of the European Commissions Seventh Framework Project – Research for SMEs (FP7-SME-2013) in close cooperation with companies and universities such as the Institute for Research and Technology of University of Thessaly, Brunel University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The AMSCopper project aims to provide an effective “weapon” in the fight against infections transmission. The AMSCopper is intended to deliver composite coatings of copper matrix and doped-TiO2 nano-particles as reinforcing means that will be easily applied, via electrodeposition techniques, in almost every metallic surface providing anti-microbial,self-cleaning activity.