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At Axon Engineering we have a special department for producing aircraft engine maintenance tooling as well as various jigs and fixtures for the aerospace industry. Axon manufactures and creates a vast range of products from intricate aerospace details, to less complicated items such as track parts for armored troop carriers.

We have been manufacturing Build to Print Tools and Ground Support Equipment for the commercial and military aircraft industries since 2001.

Our aim is to provide our customers a complete engineering solution offering the design, development, machining, assembly, testing, inspection and packaging of our products; always maintaining good lead times, on-time delivery and reliability at competitive prices. Our specialized staff has years of experience in tool making and manufacturing and is committed to perfection and attention to detail. A wide range of finishing processes, offer Axon Engineering the capability to be a one stop shop proving to be a reliable manufacturing partner. Open communication with our customers is of utmost importance and each contract and project is carefully scheduled, planned and status updates are frequently provided to our customers.

Axon is currently producing tools and support equipment for Pratt and Whitney U.S., Rolls Royce, Sikorsky, Dedienne Aerospace, Raytheon, as well as Pratt and Whitney Canada and Pratt and Whitney Commercial. We also repair/upgrade tools for Pratt Whitney locally.

We provided the majority of the tools required to assemble and disassemble the Pratt and Whitney F-100/229 engines delivered to the Greek Government in the F-16 aircraft. We are providing tools for the newest PW F100 engine customers and various other customers for use with the F-100-229 and -220 engines.

We continue to provide tools to Pratt and Whitney for various end users of the F100 Engine as well as tools for Pratt Whitney Canada for their commercial applications.

We comply with and are audited regularly to PW-QA 6096 quality requirements for Support Equipment.