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Special Coatings


A common and cost effective coating process, phosphating is a crystalline conversion coating formed on ferrous metals, achieved by means of emersion. This process is commonly used to amplify corrosion protection properties, increase friction properties of sliding parts and finally enhance adhesion of surfaces to be painted.

Phosphate Characteristics
1 Appearance Dark Grey to Black
2 Additional Coating Oil or Paint
3 Standards BS EN 12476
4Coating Thickness+0.005 mm

Black oxide

A chemical conversion coating that does not alter mechanical, physical or dimensional characteristics of the treated surface. Its application, contrary to other conversion coatings available, is mostly decorative as it offers a restricted corrosion protection in mild conditions, proving to be an excellent cost effective solution.

Black Oxide Characteristics
1 Appearance Uniform black
2 Referred Standard MIL- DTL-13924 D
3 Coating Thickness None

Chromate conversion coating (Alodine 1200S)

Alodine is a chemical conversion coating for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The treated surface appears to have increased anti-corrosion properties and an improved bond for painting.

Alodine 1200S Characteristics
1 Appearance Light iridescent golden to tan
2 Referred Standard MIL –DTL-5541
3 Coating Thickness None


On our ongoing attempt to fully satisfy our costumer’s requirements, Axon Engineering has expanded its capabilities in special coatings providing the option of painting. Our staff is trained to provide a high visual and functional quality, offering our clients complete solutions.

Working in cooperation with a dedicated team of subcontractors Axon can offer a variety of protective coating on the manufactured components.  Some additional processes we employ are:

  • Anodizing (electrolytic passivation)
  • Hardening
  • Plastic Coating (Deconyl)
  • Welding
  • Dichromate Zinc Plating
  • Galvanizing

Our Technical department is available for any further queries and technical detail specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us.