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el Ελληνικά (Greek)

Axon Engineering has been operating in the Defence industry since 1998 starting with the production of spare parts for the Hellenic Armed Forces. In 2001, Axon expanded its activities by entering the Aerospace Industry with a wide range of projects such as tool making for the maintenance of aircraft engines, reverse engineering and production of transportation hydraulic mechanism for helicopters and missile parts, design and production of mine sweeping floating mechanism for Hellenic Navy and jigs and fixtures for the assembly of helicopter fuselage.

Specialist expertise, technology and management skills are required to meet the demands of the defence and aerospace sector. At Axon Engineering we understand the complex nature and specific needs of the Defence and Aerospace industry and have aligned our business process to meet these demands. Our aim is to provide our customers a complete engineering solution always maintaining good lead times, on-time delivery and reliability at competitive prices. Our specialized staff has years of experience committed to perfection and attention to detail. A wide range of finishing processes, offer Axon Engineering the capability to be a one stop shop proving to be a reliable manufacturing partner. Open communication with our customers is of utmost importance and each contract and project is carefully scheduled, planned and status updates are frequently provided to our customers.

Successful completions of contracts, in the frame of offset obligations, have forged strategic partnerships with our customers and have proved that Axon Engineering is a reliable single point of contact for the realization of offset obligations in Greece.

Axon Engineering is an authorised manufacturer under NATO (NCAGE G0747) for Float Mine Sweeping Units of the Hellenic Navy.

Some of our clients include:

Axon Engineering has manufactured Tooling for the assembly of the UH-60 side panels.

Axon Engineering is an approved subcontractor for f100-PW-229 (F-16 Block 52+) maintenance tooling.

Axon Engineering has manufactured high-precision parts for the AMRAAM missile

Axon Engineering manufactures various tooling and parts for ground support equipment, maintenance tooling and hydraulic jacks for aircraft engines.

Axon Engineering has manufactured parts for Leopard 2

Axon Engineering is a subcontractor of EUROCOPTER (France, Germany) as manufacturer of Helicopter Rolling Assemblies

Axon Engineering manufactures high-precision components for the MICA rocket motor and missile

Axon Engineering authorised manufacturer under NATO (NCAGE G0747) for Float Mine Sweeping Units of the Hellenic Navy

Axon Engineering manufactures a vast range of parts for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry

Axon Engineering manufactures high-precision parts for IRIS-T, CROTALE and PATRIOT missile systems

Axon has manufactured parts for Miltech’s head down display for Mirage 2000 and hand-cranked generator.

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